Ignore the Greenies, says croc hunter

Experienced Northern Territory crocodile hunter Mick Pitman says that the ongoing debate surrounding crocodile safari hunting has been dominated by misinformation. He says that the activity is legitimate and sustainable and should therefore be introduced.

Pitman, who is looking to start a hunting safari business, said in an interview with the NT News in June that he could extend safaris beyond buffaloes and wild pigs and include problem crocodiles found on remote cattle stations. Any proposed safari hunting of crocodiles would only allow the taking of problem crocodiles that are culled under current laws anyway.

The latest proposals by the Northern Territory government to establish a crocodile hunting industry have been met by irrational backlash from animal rights groups. However, Pitman argued that the only difference to the current situation would be the person pulling the trigger – a change that would enable more money to flow into remote communities and add value to the current safari hunting industry in the Top End.

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