Ian Goodenough – Liberal Party Western Australia Member for Moore candidate

Ian Goodenough

I am proud to be a Life Member of the SSAA. This year I marked 30 years as a member of the West Australian Gun Club, where I am honoured to serve as Club Patron. I first started smallbore shooting at the age of 11 and am a strong supporter of all forms of competitive shooting, as well as recreational shooting and hunting. In Federal Parliament, I am a member of the Parliamentary Friends of Shooting, which advocates for the rights of sporting shooters. In my role as a Federal MP representing the Liberal Party, I actively support the interests of responsible firearms owners and adequate funding of facilities for our sport. In Western Australia, we face the introduction of draconian firearms legislation, which infringes on legitimate firearms ownership. With your support, I look forward to continuing to represent the interests of sporting shooters and promote our sport at a national level.

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