Hunt on with High Country Hunting

For those hunters without a property to hunt on, or for those just looking to try something different, High Country Hunting has an ever-growing directory just for you.

This family-run operation was created four years ago by Dom Makin initially as a way to control wildlife on his property. However, the overwhelming response from hunters inspired him to expand the business with neighbours and friends who now also have hunting opportunities on their properties.

High Country Hunting guarantees a positive experience by only allowing one hunting group per month access to a specific property.

“Our clients enjoy having a massive private property all to themselves when hunting,” said Dom. “It works really well for property owners who have feral animals that damage their property and stock and need culling.”

High Country Hunting includes a number of properties with accommodation ranging from rustic to nice cottage dwellings – Dom himself owns the Barraba 1 and Mullaley 1 properties – and the revenue from recreational hunting clients is certainly injected back into the businesses and local communities.

“Thanks to the ongoing support and patronage of our clients, the side business of hosting hunters been a great help to people on the land if they’ve had a bad season,” he said.

“High Country Hunting will continue providing hunters with a top-quality hunting experience whilst helping property owners find more ways to create sustainable income to care for their families and their land.”


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