Gun theft down

The release of the second report by the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) into firearm theft in Australia indicates the continuation of the downward trend of firearm theft identified in the first (2002) AIC report into gun theft.

Sporting Shooter's National President Robert Green said he was pleased that government research indicated that the number of firearms stolen (0.03% of the total number of registered firearms in Australia) had dropped dramatically since the release in 2002 of the first AIC report.

“We are proud of our efforts in promoting the security of firearms amongst our members, a fact identified by the AIC report as a contributor to improve the level of compliance amongst firearm owners.” said Mr Green.

“The SSAA recognises the responsibility that comes with firearm ownership, and we shall continue to place emphasis on educating all firearm owners to securely lock their firearms in accordance with state and territory legislation.”

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