Government remains tough on gun laws, says Minister Keenan

The Federal Government has hit out at the media and completely rejected claims that it has relaxed Australia’s gun laws. In a statement issued on August 28 by Justice Minister Michael Keenan, the Minister says claims in the media that the government is weakening firearms laws are “completely incorrect and irresponsible”.

“Following the Martin Place Siege Review, the Government has taken the step of reviewing the current National Firearms Agreement to ensure it continues to be current today. This review will be considered at the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Meeting in early 2016,” the statement reads.

The SSAA is part of this review and sits on the newly formed Industry Reference Group announced by Minister Keenan to consult on the NFA, with an initial meeting already held. We are also preparing a submission on behalf of our 170,000 members.

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