Gerber’s heavy-duty MP600 Bladeless multi-pliers

The new MP600 Bladeless multi-pliers from Gerber is a great Christmas gift for the everyday MacGyver who’s already got it all. This do-it-all tool does not yield a blade, making it appropriate to use in those workplaces or situations where blades are not permitted. The lack of blade also makes the MP600 Bladeless travel friendly.

The MP600 Bladeless however is still a purposeful, heavy-duty and tough stainless steel tool. It features needle-nose pliers (the centrepiece and pivotal point), replaceable tungsten carbide wire-cutters, a tough removable RemGrit saw, a ruler, three sizes of flathead screwdrivers, a Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener and file. Another great feature is that the tool can be opened with just one-hand – a feature not permitted with a blade.

Manufactured in the United States from 420HC steel, the Gerber MP600 Bladeless multi-pliers has an overall length of 9.3″, closed length of 5.1″ and overall weight of 9oz. It comes in black or untreated stainless steel, and is available from leading outdoor retailers for a recommended retail price of around $159.

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