Gerber’s Dime a handy multi-tool

Having a handful of 10-cent coins in your front pocket is nothing to brag about. In fact, many people believe the 10-cent coin is fast becoming redundant in the Australian currency. Despite this, it’s not uncommon to find yourself a few cents short of a purchase and that 10-cent piece may be all you need. Such was the premise for Gerber’s latest multi-tool, the Dime: a compact and lightweight utility tool that’s as essential to your pocket as the spare change you need for your morning coffee.

Gerber boasts a huge range of multi-tools, all with applications spanning across outdoor, camping and everyday life. The Dime is a pocket-sized, ultra-lightweight tool that’s jam-packed with a total of 10 individual tools that are ideal for a variety of everyday situations. Adding to the standard key-chain multi-tool, the Gerber Dime is designed to be taken with you wherever you go, so you’ll never be left in the lurch again.

The Dime is constructed from 3cr13 stainless steel, weighs just 62g and measures 10.8cm overall and 7cm when closed. It features a sturdy bottle-opener that remains exposed even when the tool is closed, and a flat-head and Phillips-head screwdrivers that can be used in any emergency DIY quick fixes that need your immediate attention. Personal hygiene on the go is also easy thanks to the file and tweezers, which can also come in handy should you find yourself dealing with an annoyingly painful splinter.

The pliers are spring-loaded for easy operation and also feature wire-cutters for precision cutting. The Gerber has also fitted the Dime with a fine-edge blade, spring-loaded scissors and a retail package opener to cover all your bases.

Available in matte black, vibrant green or red, the Gerber Dime is the most valuable change you’re likely to find. It retails for around $34.95 and is available from Anaconda, Aussie Disposals, BCF, Rays Outdoors and other good outdoor and camping stores.

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