Gemma shows the way in Try Shooting Day

Gemma Dunn lent an expert hand last weekend when she hosted a Try Shooting Day at the SSAA Springvale Range in Victoria. Women and junior shooters were among those who flocked to the event, smoothly orchestrated by Gemma, a former Australian representative shooter who is now Coaching and Membership Development Manager with the SSAA.

Gemma had a small team of volunteers to assist during a fun-filled occasion at the Melbourne suburban venue, the objective to introduce new people to the all-inclusive sport of shooting.

A total of 36 wannabe shooters enjoyed the learning experience with more than half of them women and juniors and two sessions held during the day. “The Try Shooting Day was all about showing how fun, inclusive, professional and safe going to the range and having a shot can be,” said Gemma.

“The SSAA is constantly working on ways to promote the shooting sports and a day where unlicensed members of the public can enjoy our sport and see why we love it so much is a fantastic way to do that.

“It helps break down the misconceptions some members of the public have towards shooters as well as providing a great level of service and experience on our ranges.”

The action was under way after a safety seminar with each segment made up of an assortment of target shoots. A bonus exercise included a special feature where the novices were split into teams to shoot for the highest score.

“We’re hoping those who attended will now see a pathway to competitive shooting and perhaps among them will be our next national representatives,” said Gemma. “There are so many different disciplines and we’re lucky the SSAA has them all, so there’s plenty of opportunity to become involved.”

In the wake of the buzz about the Springvale get-together it’s almost certain further Try Shooting Days will be on the agenda so keep your eyes peeled.

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