Gearing up for SA, Vic and Tas duck and quail seasons

It’s nearly that time of year again and despite shorter seasons and reduced bag limits, duck and quail hunting is alive and well across some of the states. The South Australian duck season opens on March 19 and runs to June 26 with a bag limit of five ducks per day, while the quail season commenced on February 13 and closes on July 31 with 20 stubble quail allowed per day.

The Victorian duck season also opens on March 19 and closes on June 13. A bag limit of eight ducks applies on the opening day followed by four ducks per day after that. Quail season begins on April 2 and runs until June 30 with a limit of 20 stubble quail per day.

In Tasmania, the duck season starts on March 5 and closes on June 5 with 10 ducks per day allowed. Quail season runs from May 14 to June 26 with a limit of 20 brown quail per day.

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