Fowles Wine introduces Farm to Table range

Victoria’s trailblazing Fowles Wine has added another enticing offshoot to its eclectic options. The world’s first winery to craft wine to match with wild game meat in its Ladies who Shoot their Lunch and Are you Game? collections has taken the next step and broken fresh ground by blending a new range of wines called Farm to Table that complement farm-raised meats.

The wines came on the market in February and can be bought in batches of a dozen for just $140, including shipping. This compares to the normal price of $179.40.

Farm to Table varieties on offer include a dozen of the 2014 Farm to Table Sauvignon Blanc, which is designed to accompany fish at the dining table. Also up for grabs are Farm to Table 2103 Chardonnay (ideal with chicken); 2013 Pinor Noir (potentially coupled with pork); 2013 Shiraz (so smooth with lamb); and the 2012 Cabernet Merlot (a rich partner for beef).

With the Farm to Table range, Fowles Wine has refined the way that it produces the wine to equate with the more ‘open’ fibre, ‘softer’ texture and higher fat content of agriculturally-reared meat.

Fowles Wine is based at Avenel, with its Cellar Door Cafe located just off the Hume Freeway, offering tastings of all of its wines.

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