Fowl Talkers’ duck hunting accessories

by Matthew Godson

Are you looking to attract more ducks to your decoy spread this year? Are you trying to be more organised in storing and deploying your decoys? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then I suggest that you check out some of the hunting gear produced by the team at Fowl Talkers.

A couple of their items that I tested during the 2016 duck season received a big thumbs up. Those items included the Australian-designed Sweet Talker and Teal Talker duck calls, the Mesh Decoy Bag and Pre-Tied Decoy Rigs.

Call it in
The Sweet Talker duck call can be used to attract a variety of species including black, mountain and wood duck plus both grey and chestnut teal. Primarily designed as a black duck caller, it has the versatility to be used effectively on those other species. The double reed call allows users to reach a volume to turn birds from distance when hunting open waters as well as have the ability to tone things down for working birds at closer quarters. The Sweet Talker duck call has a recommended retail price of $60.

The Teal Talker is something different, in that is specially designed for use on grey and chestnut teal species only. It produces a raspy, deeper and louder sound than my traditional crow-type caller that I have used previously to attract teal. The single reed call allows the user to produce sounds ranging from loud calls for distant birds to soft ones where birds are on their final approach to landing. The Teal Talker retails for around $40.

The boys at Fowl Talkers have produced a number of training videos to help you quickly master the techniques required to use their calls. These videos will start you on your way to becoming a duck whisperer in no time with a little bit of practice.

Keep it tidy
When it comes to keeping your decoys tidy and organised, you can’t go past storing and transporting them in a Fowl Talkers Mesh Decoy Bag. This bag is lightweight but strong, durable and functional. Whether you use it to store all your decoys in one place in your boat or to carry your decoys as you walk into a swamp backpack style, these bags are very adaptable. They can carry up to two dozen standard-sized decoys and the convenient drawstring opening at the top of the bag ensures what’s inside the bag stays inside the bag. The Mesh Decoy Bag is a bargain, retailing at just $20.

Another good way to keep things in order is by using the Fowl Talkers’ Pre-Tied Decoy Rigs. For the first instance ever I didn’t have the task of having to spend valuable hunting time untangling my decoys from each other. These Pre-Tied Rigs make easy work of setting up your decoy spread and an even simpler task packing them up. You can basically attach every rig to the included carabiner clip and everything is held together ready to be placed back in the decoy bag or hung up to dry on your return to camp. The Pre-Tied Decoy Rigs are available in a 12-pack for around $45.

Fowl Talkers has a number of other accessories available and the company also produces duck hunting DVDs featuring the team’s exploits during Australian duck hunting seasons. For more information and the opportunity to purchase the items above, simply visit

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