Family First election statement

Family First supports the vital role that recreational and commercial shooters, farmers and other landholders play in backing sustainability, land care and native wildlife, particularly through culling, sporting shooting and the eradication of pest species.

Family First believes that Australia’s rich and extensive state parks, marine areas and forests should be open for all families to enjoy. We also support family values and education about responsible firearms use and families’ freedom to pursue boating, camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, offroading and shooting without excessive government fees or restrictions. Ensuring the community has access to our natural treasures will give Australians a greater appreciation and respect for nature and the environment.

Family First is opposed to the radical views and excessive regulation advocated by environmentalists and the Greens who are fundamentally opposed to sporting shooters.

Family First supports keeping firearm laws as a state matter and opposes any federal takeover of firearms regulation. This is in keeping with our policy of ending Commonwealth/State duplication by removing the Commonwealth from areas of state responsibility.

Family First supports better, stronger and genuine prior consultation with sporting shooters and other stakeholder groups, not a ‘take it or leave it’ government approach. No further expansion of firearms legislation should proceed without (a) transparent evidence of imminent risk to public safety, or (b) a compelling cost-benefit analysis.

Family First discourages the expensive exercise of public servants conducting culling programs when volunteers, native titleholders or even members of the public paid via bounties, may be able to do the job more cost-effectively.

Family First is committed to consulting with the game meat industry towards domestic and export opportunities from sustainably harvesting native and introduced species (such as kangaroo and deer).

Family First opposes laws that prevent sporting shooters returning from overseas with trophies, subject to biosecurity clearance.

Family First supports stronger criminal laws preserving the property rights of farmers and other landholders against intrusions from animal activists.

Family First supports the increased levels of defence spending and enhanced opportunities for international military collaboration, research, development and training.

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