Enjoy more of the great outdoors with Jumbunna Volume Two

Australian Shooter readers will be no stranger to our Senior Correspondent John Dunn’s way with words through his monthly Jumbunna column, and now you can enjoy these tales any time with the release of Jumbunna Volume Two: More stories from the bush. John’s latest collection will take you on some of his favourite journeys – hunting, target shooting and country life in general – so if you’re a Jumbunna fan then this new collection should not be missed and you can buy your copy from the SSAA website www.ssaa.org.au

SSAA National wishes to advise the cost of Association membership will incur a small increase from March 1 this year. SSAA Adult membership, which includes Australian Shooter magazine, will increase from $93 to $95, Pensioner membership will rise from $70 to $72 while Junior membership fees remain unaffected at $27. Your membership contribution goes towards increasing your Association and its state members’ services and activities such as opening new ranges and securing their role in protecting shooters, now and for future generations.

Membership category Price including Australian Shooter
Adult $95
Family discount rate $72
Junior $27
Pensioner $72
Five-year adult $475
Member for life $1,900
Overseas $180


On a sad note, SSAA National extends its condolences to the family and friends of Life Member James Stanley ‘Stan’ Robinson who passed away in December. Stan was a founding member of SSAA National and SSAA Queensland and held numerous executive positions in both.

Stan was actively involved during construction of the SSAA Belmont Range and was well known for devising novelty shoots such as balloons on a string in the wind, shotguns aimed at crow targets and crow targets being shot at undisclosed distances offhand. In 1964 he stepped away from executive roles within the SSAA and remained a private member of the Association. He was awarded life membership of SSAA National in 1995, recognising his contributions at a state and national level.

As we’re still dealing with the effects of COVID-19, members are reminded they participate in any SSAA event at their own risk. While SSAA National supports and promotes the shooting disciplines as the backbone of our sport, national and state events are hosted by the state/territory associations and their respective health regulations must be followed.

Every endeavour will be made to ensure events will proceed as advertised, however events may be cancelled or even re-classified from a national competition if attendances are affected due to border restrictions. If you have any queries regarding events, please contact the state/territory association of which you’re a member. We hope you had a safe and happy holiday season.

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