Dry-firing the Pro-shooter Series 2

The Pro-shooter Series 2 is a training tool based on the Colt Model 1911 .45-calibre pistol that uses a burst of light to knock down a matching set of targets. This new and improved version has more detail and weight than earlier Pro-shooter models, providing the user with the ability to change and adjust the sights, trigger take-up and trigger break and use a fully ejectable and weighted magazine. You can choose to have the trigger break or not, but the alteration must be done by the manufacturer, although the user can easily change the sights.

Besides being a bit of fun, the main use for the Pro-shooter is dry-firing practice. Nick Judge, from Pro-shooter, says most people close their eyes when the trigger breaks so they often don’t know what is happening.

“If you have never trained in dry-fire, you’ll never learn how to hold your firearm or pull the trigger properly. Only though dry-fire can anyone learn what they are doing,” said Nick. “If you have your eyes closed, you won’t see what you’re doing. When live firing, the shockwaves from detonation hitting your face make you close your eyes. This won’t happen in dry-fire and so you will see how much the muzzle moves though trigger break. This gives you the opportunity to learn how to hold your firearm and squeeze the trigger.”

Obviously, the Pro-shooter doesn’t require a licence, although to hold it, it does feel remarkably like an actual handgun. An enthusiastic handgun shooter who tried the Pro-shooter said it simulates a real handgun surprisingly well. It would be good for beginner pistol shooters to become familiar with their grip and their stance, and useful for practising magazine releases.

Most of Pro-shooter’s range is Australian-owned and manufactured from its Brisbane workshop. Nick Judge says the company is currently working on some new targets which will be reactive and will ‘talk to each other’ to work randomly and be suitable for pistol discipline training.

The Series 2 is available from Pro-shooter and retails for around $249

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