Democratic Labour Party election statement

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) has policies supporting competition shooting, recreational shooting, hunting for food and culling pests. Many of our DLP executive are shooters and others support the sport in all its forms.

The DLP definition of a ‘worker’ is not just blue collar and white collar traditional workers, but also self-employed workers such as small businesspeople and farmers. As such, the rural link in our party is strong and it is natural for the DLP to support shooting in general.

The DLP recognises that shooting is a foundation sport of the Olympic movement and supports shooting as a legitimate sport from club level to elite level, including Olympic, world and Commonwealth levels. It supports all disciplines of shooting being included at elite levels. The DLP recognises that shooting is a martial art and as such has many benefits for participants.

The DLP supports the removal of law-abiding, licensed firearm owners from the CrimTrac database used by Australian authorities for tracking criminals. The DLP supports the existing laws licensing firearm owners and storage of firearms, but opposes any move to centrally store firearms.

The DLP supports hunting for personal food use by licensed firearm owners with the permission of rural and regional landowners. Deer, rabbit, hare, duck, quail, kangaroo, wallaby and crocodile can be taken for personal food use. The DLP would work with the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA) to control native and introduced pests and vermin.

The DLP supports the culling of pests and vermin from national or state parks by licenced firearm owners working with park rangers. The DLP supports the SSAA Farmer Assist program to cull and control native and introduced pests and vermin in rural and regional areas for rural and regional landowners.

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