Customise your roof top tent with Rhino-Rack

Rhino-Rack has all bases covered for outdoor enthusiasts when it comes to making preparations for any demanding trips in their vehicles into the back of beyond. The company, with headquarters in the Sydney suburb of Rydalmere, covers a gamut of essential accessories which make life easier for hunters and adventurers, ranging from car roof-rack systems to various other luggage carriers.

Now the trailblazing company has a new product which seems to have caught the imagination of the camping fraternity – namely the roof top tent (RTT). This revolutionary concept could be a daunting option for some travellers, so Rhino-Rack has compiled a concise reference guide for anybody considering taking an RTT on board.

The company recommends that individuals carry out some research before investing in the product. RTTs are outstanding additions to your travelling kit, but may not be right for all, and as they are purpose-built, they can come with a purpose-built cost price. With this in mind, it is important to know your vehicle’s limits. Your vehicle’s manual will help you to understand your roof type and its weight limit. The weight of most RTTs on the market covers 40 to 60kg. It is crucial to ensure the weight is in sync with the loading capacity of your roof.

Working out the load rating is another necessity. A load rating is less when a vehicle is dynamic (in motion) compared to static (parked). Users will generally be on the move, travelling or exploring, so have to be aware what weight their roof racks can handle. As a stationary vehicle can handle more weight, it is a paramount not to opt for a RTT heavier than your roof and roof system’s dynamic weight capacity.

To capitalise on the RTT experience, Rhino-Rack provides optional extras to supplement the exploring potential. For a start, there are a range of roof-racks to cater for the load rating of an RTT. These include Fixed Mounting Points, Trackmounts, Backbones and Gutter Mount systems. Meanwhile, the ladder supplied with the RTT not only functions as the entry point, but also acts as the structural support for the overhanging section of the tent. To make the most of the space around the vehicle, Rhino-Rack offers an assortment of shade awnings. The Foxwing Awning stretches to an area of 270 degrees of shade and means campers can crawl down from the sun-heated tent to an expansive zone of shade.

To see whether an RTT is suitable, Rhino-Rack’s ‘Fit My Car’ online service enables the potential buyer to enter the details of their vehicle to help with their choice. All you need to do is tap in the relevant manufacturer, model, year of make and body type to see where you go from there.

The Rhino-Rack website also has a search and find map which enables customers to locate dealers up to 200km away. One of the main distributors around Australia is the Roof Rack range of stores. In many cases, it is possible to just visit one of these branches and have the RTT installed there and then. This simply depends on the products and fittings services of the store.

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