Current firearm laws hold firm

Police Ministers meeting in Sydney have confirmed that recently introduced firearms legislation is deemed adequate to control the type of firearms available to both the recreational and target shooter. The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia supports that opinion.

Association spokesman Keith Tidswell said “Today's events in Sydney indicate that at last we are coming towards reaching a set of national firearm laws that can be understood by both firearm owners and the bureaucrats that enforce them. We are pleased to see that the issue of handguns was set aside as being irrelevant in light of the strict new protocols that have tightened even further the existing system.”

“The emotive bleating of cultural gun prohibitionists has fallen on deaf ears – mainly because of their transparent distortion of facts and use of emotive theatre to influence the Australian public.” Mr Tidswell said. “This Association has calmly and efficiently lobbied to ensure the facts about the ownership and controls on firearms has been bought to policy makers and advisors.” Mr Tidswell said. “That softly, softly process has paid dividends for responsible gun owners today.”

The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia shall continue to foster dialogue with politicians to ensure that an adequate balance of control and access to firearms is maintained.

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