Cook wild with Gerber’s straight-from-the-kitchen knives

The keen home cook knows better than to take delicate kitchen knives out on the trail. But at the end of the day, when you can’t imagine eating another protein bar, there is nothing better than sitting down and preparing a campsite feast. Luckily, the knife experts from Gerber are ready to help feed you a delicious meal with their new range of chef-quality knives that are designed to brave the outdoors.

Inspired by a Santoku knife, the Freescape Camp Kitchen Knife is so versatile that it is just at home in the kitchen as it is in the outdoors. The short length, wide profile at the heel and tip, flatter design, and fine straight edge makes the Camp Kitchen Knife very handy for working on smaller boards when chopping, dicing and slicing your meal.

The Freescape Paring Knife is similar in design to the Camp Kitchen Knife, but is built on a smaller scale, making it ideal for peeling or mincing. However, its high-grade steel ensures that it can still stand up to an impressive range of outdoor duties beyond the camp kitchen, including cutting through twine and feathering sticks.

Both knives feature rubberised handles and steel blades that do what a lot of camp tools can’t, which is run through the dishwasher once you’re in back in civilised society. In addition, their potential to be sterilised at high temperatures without dulling makes them far more convenient to use at the home kitchen.

With a grippy textured handle, the Freescape range is destined to stay firmly in your hand no matter what the conditions, while the bright green accents mean they will always be easy to find in your pack or in a dark camp. Both knives come with durable sheathes to keep your knife safe and near at hand on your belt loop.

The Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen knife retails for around $79.95, while the Freescape Paring Knife retails for around $39.95.

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