Conservation programs an important plank in SSAA platform

As we put the annual summer holiday season firmly behind us and turn our gaze to the agenda ahead, there seems much for the SSAA and its members to enthuse about. Let’s kick things off by focusing on one of the main avenues that appears to be broadening within the SSAA’s sphere of influence, namely the hunting and conservation arena.

It’s good to know at this point that the SSAA is actively cooperating and enthusiastically collaborating with a number of state and federal authorities who share our ideals and hopes on such matters. Research and feral animal control statistics have demonstrated the value of legitimate ground shooting activities and we are constantly exploring ways for members to be involved in these programs at their respective state levels.

The links between the SSAA and the Conservation and Wildlife Research Trust (CWRT), which our organisation fervently supports, are well documented and are attracting more and more interest from like-minded commentators about the value that’s being offered.

Looking further afield, conservation advancements have been embraced as part of the new Great Australian Outdoors magazine. This is another cog that has been added to the SSAA’s ever-evolving media interests and the ground-breaking publication, based around the concepts of destination, exploration and conservation, has already been lauded by experienced environmental voices. These experts feel the refreshing outlook of the expansive journal brings to the table a balanced view of conservation and hunting as valid tools which can be combined to help the Australian ecosystem.

There’s so much to be positive about as the year opens its doors ever wider to us. Of course, the shooting ranges and competition shooting should not be forgotten with international and national teams being finalised during the coming months to represent the SSAA and Australia on the world stage in their various disciplines.

Amid all this hurly-burly, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. But one thing we must remain aware of is the approaching federal election, at present seemingly mapped out for May. I’ve always maintained as SSAA president that we will support those who support us. As a democratic body we cannot tell our members how to vote, but that basic mantra is a straightforward point of reference to keep in mind as we enter the polling booths sometime in the near future.

For the moment though, let’s take one step at a time and gain pleasure from the heady involvement being invested by the SSAA and its band of members both in established fields and unfolding environmental crusades. It feels like 2019 has only just begun but already our organisation has plenty on its plate to tempt the palate.

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