Caution when sending with Australia Post

By now you are probably familiar with SSAA Gun Sales, Australia’s most comprehensive firearms and accessories trading website. With more than 3000 active members, there is plenty of buying and selling to be had, which means potentially hundreds of items being posted all across Australia.

Recently, two of our members arranged for the sale of a rifle through the site. Unfortunately when the rifle arrived in Adelaide after being sent from Queensland, the stock of the rifle was found to be broken in half. The firearms dealer who received the rifle in Adelaide noted a 2” gash on the carton the rifle had been sent in. The rip corresponded with the spot on the stock which had been completely split in half.

Since the damage seemingly happened during transit, neither the sending nor receiving firearms dealers are responsible and neither is the buyer or seller. Australia Post’s general terms and conditions outlines that Australia Post has total discretion about whether or not it compensates for damage done to parcels. Also, it is extremely difficult and potentially costly to prove exactly when and where the damage was done, creating a ‘black spot’ of responsibility.

Richard, the buyer of the broken rifle, said Australia Post confirmed that the rifle was packed properly and has offered him a measly $50 compensation. “I’m very keen to warn as many shooters as possible of the dangers of not making sure your firearm is insured, as every party involved will, in my experience, not give a damn!” he told the SSAA.

No-one wants to spend thousands of dollars buying a firearm to potentially have it destroyed during shipping. Or even have their firearm damaged when moving interstate or on the way to that once-in-a lifetime hunting trip. If you are using Australia Post, Richard urges shooters to consider taking ‘Extra Cover’. ‘Extra Cover’ is insurance you can place on Australia Post packages valued up to $5000 for an extra $1.50 per $100 of package value. In Richard’s case, just $11 could have fully insured the rifle he bought during its postage. Unfortunately, ‘Extra Cover’ is not well advertised and doesn’t seem to be offered unless requested. .

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