Calling for academic abstracts for Sustainable Use Conference

The call for abstracts for the Conservation through Sustainable Use of Wildlife Conference has officially opened. Hosted by The University of Queensland and supported by SSAA National, the event will take place in the Pullman Brisbane St George Square from August 30 to September 1 and will be held more than 20 years on from the original Conservation through Sustainable Use of Wildlife Conference that went ahead in February 1994.

Organisers have already secured a number of local and international keynote speakers for the occasion. The conference will report on the ethical and sustainable use of wildlife as a conservation tool, including the development of alternative strategies and models of conservation and private public conservation efforts. It will also promote wildlife conservation programs that incorporate beneficial environmental, economic and social outcomes.

Symposia under this overarching theme include wildlife policy and regulation, human dimensions of sustainable use, sustainable indigenous use of wildlife, wildlife trade and the commercial use of wildlife, use and control of vertebrate pests, non-consumptive sustainable use and wild resource management.

Visit the conference website for more information regarding conference topics, abstract submission, speakers and the conference in general.

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