Buy a bilby or shoot a rabbit this Easter!

As proud protectors of our native environment, the SSAA has thrown its support behind a campaign to promote chocolate bilbies as the better alternative to bunnies this Easter. Previously found across our country in the millions, the bilby has fallen victim to introduced species as it competes with rabbits for resources. While the Easter Bunny may be appropriate in some countries, the SSAA is convinced the Easter Bilby more closely reflects our culture.

The Threatened Species Commissioner, Dr Sally Box, has also endorsed the ‘Bilbies not bunnies’ campaign in support of conservation initiatives. The Save the Bilby Fund has put together a list of stores that are selling Australian-made chocolate bilbies, with 30 cents from the sale of every Fyna Food bilby directly donated to aid bilby conservation efforts. Australia-wide, Target, Myer, David Jones and Australia Post are stockists. The Save the Bilby Fund also lists local stores that are selling the products.

Another company supporting the bilby is Haigh’s Chocolates. This year marks the 25th year that the South Australian-based company has been associated with Rabbit Free Australia (RFA). Part proceeds from the sales of all Haigh’s Easter Bilbies are donated to RFA each year.

The SSAA is also encouraging members to help farmers protect their land by shooting a rabbit or two! The SSAA has put together a handy guide for rabbit or hare hunting. From all of us at the SSAA, enjoy the Easter break!

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