Best Fox Whistle launches ICOtec electronic callers

Australian supplier Best Fox Whistle has unveiled some imported electronic predator callers on its catalogue of hunting accessories.

The new callers are made in the United States by Ohio-based manufacturer ICOtec. The designs are the ICOtec GC300 Remote Electronic Fox Caller, which comes with 12 pre-prepared distress calls including fox, rabbit and cat, plus the programmable GC350 and GC500 units. These both possess 24 pre-recorded calls, but allow you to add your own.

The GC500 Remote Electronic Fox Caller has a remote control that enables you to scroll through 200 calls within the device. The remote also features a backlit LCD backdrop and a ‘favourites’ shortlist. Calls can also be stored on the GC350 with access to 24 at any time via one of 12 buttons.

Founder of BestFoxWhistle, Rob Crampton, said, “The ICOtec units were originally designed for coyote hunting, but we’ve tried and tested them in the field – and they really do work.” Rob personally checks out all new products with his colleague Craig Jackson.

The trio of ICOtec options have a clear sound quality, which doesn’t distort, unlike some other electronic callers. They are priced at $145 for the GC300, $230 for the GC350 and $265 for the GC500.

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