Beretta releases the 690 shotgun

Beretta’s latest addition to the family, the 690, has just been announced. The 690 combines Beretta’s tradition of excellence and the latest technology to create this elegant, beautiful shotgun that will soon take its perch as the world’s most popular shotgun. Equipped with the same chassis as the 692 and Steelium barrels, this new shotgun will soon capture the $3000 to $5000 RRP price market. Welcome to Beretta’s fusion of technology and tradition!

The receiver of the traditional Beretta over-and-under is renowned for its typical clean-cut, even receiver and has been Beretta’s signature ever since the 680 series. The new 690 will carry the same profile with an exquisitely designed game scene on the receiver, which is sure to delight shotgun enthusiasts.

With Beretta’s exclusive Steelium barrels, every shooter can expect years of durability and reliability without compromise.

The 690 features a better class of wood when compared to its 687 predecessor. Beretta understands the importance of appearance, so each stock has been carefully matched to its fore-end, and oil finished for lustrous good looks by Beretta’s experts.

As we are all different, the 690 is offered in an array of different configurations to ensure each shooter is matched with their shotgun. With two configurations (Field & Sporting), four barrel lengths, two stock dimensions and five Optima Choke HP, the options are endless. The 690 will also be eligible for Beretta Australia’s free fitting service to ensure an even better fit.

The 690 Field version is even lighter than the previous generation 687 Beretta over-and-under shotgun, thanks to the reengineered barrel/fore-end iron design. With the average 12-gauge 28” barrelled shotgun weighting only 3.35kg, the 690 Field can go even lower than 3.25kg for a low-density wood 26” barrelled. The balance is perfect as always, and the fit and feel is absolutely great.

The first shipment of the 690 Field III is expected to arrive in Australia by mid October, with the Sporting configuration to follow shortly after.


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