Be ready for whatever summer brings with the Original Rescue Swag

The imminent advent of summer throws up a dangerous wildlife hazard that hunters and outdoor enthusiasts should be wary of. As the soaring temperatures start to kick in, some of Australia’s venomous creatures will be on the move. Snakes are part of nature’s makeup Down Under, but some of them are among the most toxic reptiles on the planet. Chance encounters with snakes during the summer season can result in catastrophic results for residents. Already, there have been reports of a fatal snake bite in Townsville and non-fatal incidents around Cairns, Cloncurry and Perth.

The danger of snake bites is something that prompted Tracey Beikoff to create the Original Rescue Swag. The swag itself can be converted into a sling, splint or immobilisation device if things go wrong in remote areas, while the package also features first-aid instructions, swabs, wipes, dressings, tapes, bands, icepacks, antiseptic, burn gel, gloves, scissors, safety pins, forceps, a torch whistle, a thermal blanket and more. The concept was lauded as a breakthrough idea for the first-aid market by entrepreneur Steve Baxter, who invested in the product on Shark Tank in 2015.

Tracey was happy to expand on her motivation to turn the notion of the Original Rescue Swag into reality. “The Original Rescue Swag provides back-up for adventurers wherever they are,” she said. “The Australian summer is pitched to be hot and dry and this will result in an increase of people participating in outdoor activities.”

Tracey also cited the growing range of outdoor pursuits being tried by Australians, which presents new situations and contingencies for adventurers to consider. “It is critical that people have access to safety response equipment wherever they are,” she said.

Ranger Dan Bamblett, of Hands on Wildlife, echoed Tracey’s thoughts, but stressed specific pointers about coming into contact with snakes. “With summer approaching snakes will become more active as the days become warmer,” he said. “We educate people to be aware of snakes to avoid the tragedies seen in recent times. We advocate zero contact at all times.”

Dan spelt out what outdoor aficionados should do if they ran into any snakes. “It is important that people know what to do if they encounter a snake. Our advice is to leave the snake alone; don’t panic and move away slowly.”

The ranger also hailed the positive outcome that the Original Swag Rescue could have in an emergency situation. “Safety is number one,” he said. “With a comprehensive kit such as the thoughtfully designed Original Rescue Swag, people can be prepared to respond to any event.”

The Original Rescue Swag is priced at $199, but for a limited time is on offer for $139.

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