SSAA welcomes Australia Post firearms freight outcome

SSAA welcomes Australia Post firearms freight outcome

Successful discussions this week between Australia Post and firearms industry representatives to formalise firearms and ammunition transport options have proven to be an important lifeline for our industry.

The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA) is pleased to have been a part of the committee driving these discussions and thanks Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie and Country Liberals Senator for the Northern Territory Senator Dr Sam McMahon for their intervention and leadership.

SSAA Chief Executive Officer Tim Bannister said the resolution was vital for the firearms industry and the Association’s 200,000-plus members to be able to continue enjoying their chosen sport and pastime.

“Having a stable freight option is incredibly important for rural workers, vets, firearm dealers and our members,” he said.

“To be able to freight firearms and ammunition in a timely and safe manner, without discrimination, across our vast country will ensure the future of our $2 billion dollar per annum industry.”

Discussions with Australia Post to secure firearms and ammunition freight options began in mid-2021 following a decision by FedEx-TNT to rule out transporting firearms and firearms-related products without notice or consultation.

Senator McKenzie and Senator McMahon this week welcomed the commitment by Australia Post and industry to work together on viable freight options. Discussions are ongoing on finer details around regulations for ammunition freight and challenges in particular jurisdictions. This includes improving freight restrictions from mainland Australia to Tasmania.

“It is critical the transportation of legal firearms is regarded to be as important as the supply of stock to every other small business around the country,” Senator McKenzie said.

“From economic, social and environmental perspectives the uninterrupted and guaranteed availability of firearms is crucial to many sectors, and I’m pleased Australia Post has worked with industry representatives to secure a very positive resolution. Thankfully this outcome means legal firearm dealers across regional Australia will now be able to use specific Australia Post and Startrack product services.”

The SSAA encourages all members and industry to use Australia Post for the transport of all goods, thus supporting a trusted and reliable business that caters to our needs.

For firearms and ammunition specific freight options between dealer and manufacturers, please email [email protected]

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