Australia Post misses out on a golden opportunity

Australia Post have proudly announced they are issuing commemorative stamps for each gold medal winner for our Commonwealth athletes.

Mr Bob Green, SSAA National President said “This well deserved recognition for gold medal winners is to be applauded, but it is ironic that Australia Post will be commemorating gold medallist shooters while simultaneously prohibiting the carriage of items needed for those champions, and future champions, to pursue their sport.”

“All Australians appreciate the long hours of training shooters put in to be champions and can sympathise with any athlete forced to wait months for spare or replacement parts for specialised sporting equipment,” Mr Green said. “It is a great shame that Australia Post cannot find a way to make things easier for our athletes instead of prohibiting the carriage of legally acquired items.”

“This is,” he said “a golden opportunity for Australia Post to show real support for our athletes and one that has gone missing!”

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