Armed robbery in Australia: 2008 National Armed Robbery Monitoring Program report

The Australian Institute of Criminology continues to focus on reducing armed robbery in Australia in order to reduce the severity of the effect this crime can have on people’s lives. Armed robbery is a serious crime that can have a negative impact on individual victims and employees of businesses that may be targeted. People who work in locations vulnerable to armed robbery can experience emotional repercussions if present during an armed robbery. The National Armed Robbery Monitoring Program (NARMP) was established in 2003 to fill an information gap on trends and patterns in armed robbery in Australia. Despite changes over time in the level of detail available for NARMP data and a further decrease in the number of armed robberies for 2008, the features of armed robbery in the Armed Robbery in Australia: 2008 National Armed Robbery Monitoring Program report (authored by Lance Smith, Kym Dossetor and Maria Borzycki) are generally consistent with those observed in previous years. It is important that the details of this decrease are investigated more fully (a task that is outside the scope of NARMP) and that any crime prevention knowledge gained through monitoring and evaluation is disseminated and added to the general ‘toolkit’ of responses to armed robbery.

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