ALP Statement

Australian Labor Party

Labor recognises that shooting sports are a popular form of outdoor recreation.

Sports shooting clubs and organisations attract strong participation and deliver successful programs across Australia, from grassroots clubs to state, national and international competitions.

We acknowledge Australia’s proud history of success in shooting sports on the world stage, including at Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

The 2026 Commonwealth Games in Victoria and 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brisbane will provide great opportunities to inspire a new generation of Australian shooters.

Labor will continue to support community participation and invest in pathways to keep Australian shooters at the forefront of Olympic, Paralympic and other international competitions.

We recognise the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia’s representation of recreational shooters, farmers and hunters and that the vast majority of firearm owners comply with relevant laws.

Labor understands the importance of recreational shooters, farmers and hunters having a voice on firearm issues, and acknowledge the work of organisations, including SSAA, in promoting the safe use and storage of firearms.

We strongly support Australia’s existing gun laws and remain opposed to anything that might weaken or circumvent those laws. We believe it is appropriate that gun laws be reviewed as gun technology is updated, to ensure they don’t become outdated.

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