All-day warmth with Milwaukee’s heated jackets

As the winter months draw near, Milwaukee Tools has put out a new line of six jackets that will help hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to survive even the very coldest of conditions. Milwaukee is based in the Melbourne suburb of Rowville and enjoys an enviable reputation as a purveyor of top-quality goods. Its speciality is power and hand tools but its motto is ‘Nothing but heavy duty’ and the company also offers a first-class selection of heated gear. The clothing combines advanced garment construction with heat technology to provide all-day warmth for hunters operating in the outback.

Leading the way among the new M12 range is the Heated Jacket Camo. This standout offering is blessed with a special noise-reducing fabric and Realtree Xtra camouflage print. The make-up of the jacket means that it maximises heat while also blending in with the natural environment.

Next in line is the M12 Heated Hoodie. This slick number incorporates carbon fibre heating elements between a sturdy cotton outer layer and waffle-weave thermal liner to spread and retain heat across core areas of the body. This item is available in black, grey or red colors.

Milwaukee breaks new ground with the first 3-in-1 Ripstop Jacket that pairs a heated hoodie with a tough-as-teak Ripstop shell for unbeatable warmth, adaptability and longevity in extreme and testing hunting conditions.

Another item to curb the cold is the M12 Heated Ripstop Vest. This sturdy piece of apparel combines premium Ripstop fabric with constant-wear area reinforcement and rugged insulated characteristics that is wind and water resistant.

If the elements do their worst, then you can rely on the M12 Heated Jacket. A subtle arrangement is based on a carbon fibre heating ability allied with pioneering fabric-layering technology. The Heated Jacket is available in black or red and distributes heat across needy body zones.

For the ladies, Milwaukee has fashioned the M12 Women’s Heated Jacket. Totally revamped for 2016, the new Women’s Heated Jacket boasts an enticing female cut and improved heating extensions to ensure maximum warmth.

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