September 2022 - Australian Shooter

Spring has arrived and not a day too soon and our September edition marks the passing of winter with a whole variety of articles to enjoy. Firearms in the spotlight this month include the Mauser M18 Feldjagd which our reviewer reckons is ‘one serious hunting, stalking and long-range rifle in a wide array of calibres to cater to all hunting requirements’ while we also take a look at the Webley & Scott 900XS 12-gauge shotgun which is a value-for-money clay gun with adjustable comb and a clever balancing system. For those starting out in this great sport or shooters looking to add an extra firearm to their gun safe, let the experienced John Hill guide you on the pros and cons of buying second-hand, what to look for and how to avoid the pitfalls. The US military is adopting a new service cartridge and Australia will likely follow as we did twice before when the US moved to 7.62 then 5.56 and John Maxwell has taken an in-depth look at what to expect. And on the subject of what to expect, Sam Garro has penned an interesting article on the very unexpected and how to deal with snakes if you encounter one on your next outdoors excursion. Welcome to springtime!

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