September 2015 - Australian Shooter

SSAA National, State and Territory representatives meet to discuss issues affecting firearm owners in their area, and we respond to the Cecil the lion incident and explain the difference between sustainable ethical hunting and illegal hunting activities. Senior correspondent John Dunn reviews Sabatti’s Compact Scout .243 Win hunting rifle, while John McDougall tests the Yildiz SPZM Special over-and-under shotgun and James Cheung examines Aimpoint dot sights. We also review the Burris Eliminator III Ballistic LaserScope, Vortex Viper HD binoculars and ATA Tactical Portable Shooting Bench. John Hill rebuilds a powder scale, and John Moore reflects on the benefits of the 20-gauge shotgun. Darren Marks and his sons head to one of their favourite properties for a few days of small-game hunting. We also announce the five recipients of this year’s Academic Bursary Program.