October 2021 - Australian Shooter

Believe it or not summer will be upon us before we know it and, to that end, our October cover story contains some sound advice from seasoned hunter Sam Garro on how to hunt smart under the summer sun, staying safe while achieving your desired outcomes. ‘Don’t fear the recoil’ is the message from Samuel B. Mann who takes us through ways to overcome the bane of many a shooter’s life. Among items under review this month is the latest Tikka T3x Varmint Hunter rifle, the new 1500 Carbon Fibre Stock from Howa, the Rangetracker 1800 monocular Laser Rangefinder from German Precision Optics and the very latest line of camo clothing from Ridgeline. And have you checked the roof-mounted spotlights used for hunting and spotlighting are legal in the state you go hunting in? Douglas Riach has the lowdown on what you can and can’t do to stay within the law.

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