October 2017 - Australian Shooter

Paul Miller tests Walther’s MaximaThor .22LR-calibre precharged pneumatic repeating air rifle and Con Kapralos reviews the Anschutz 1771D German ‘hogsback’ stock rifle in .204 Ruger calibre. Assistant Editor Dave Rose explains the SSAA’s involvement with the Conservation and Wildlife Research Trust, while Media and Political Officer Kate Fantinel discusses the SSAA-sponsored sambar study and gives a full recap on the Brisbane SSAA SHOT Expo. Daniel O’Dea is impressed with the Uzkon LA887 lever-action shotgun, while John Hill performs some gunsmithing on a Sako L461 Vixen rifle. John McDougall puts Spartan shotshells through their paces, Communications Officer Sam Talbot tries out virtual hunting in Hunting Simulator and the Action Trackchair all-abilities vehicle gets taken for a spin. We meet junior member Sinee Khanprasert, and senior correspondent John Dunn looks back on the life and times of Australian hunting legend, Bob Penfold.