November 2018 - Australian Shooter

It’s now 100 years since the guns fell silent to herald the end of the First World War and the Armistice that followed, and in the pages of our November magazine we turn the clock back to that historic day. And coming right up to date, senior correspondent John Dunn takes to the field with the Winchester XPR Hunter Highlander rifle. Still on rifles, and this month we put air rifles in focus with a feature on what was an introduction to the shooting sports for many, Don Caswell and Christian Monahan giving us their take on what makes a great air rifle. Sam Garro turns the spotlight on custom gun stock-maker extraordinaire Ross Waghorn and shows just exactly what goes into creating a unique stock. In his Talbot on Target! series, Communications Officer Sam Talbot turns his attention to Rimfire Rifle Metallic Silhouette, while Graham Park puts the famous Barnes X Bullet under the microscope and unearths a fascinating Aussie connection. And with our usual mix of columns and readers’ letters, the pages of our November issue are bulging with something for every firearm enthusiast.