May 2022 - Australian Shooter

Air rifles were an entry-level firearm for many of us and with progression we tend to overlook them as we grow. So when Con Kapralos was offered the chance to revisit his youth courtesy of the Remington Express Hunter, he grabbed it with both hands and was reminded of how much fun air rifles can be – and on a budget. Also this month we diverse further as senior correspondent Rod Pascoe runs the numbers on an interesting combo in the superb new Walther PDP full-sized pistol fitted with a Holosun HE507C open reflex sight with solar cell. Staying with things optical, Chris Redlich has taken to the hills with the latest compact T3 monocular by Sector Optics which he reports is “a quality product backed by a five-year warranty”. If recoil is an issue for you, Brad Allen may have encountered the solution when he road-tested some of the new products on offer from Grizzly Eliminator Muzzle Brakes which he says “could be just what the doctor ordered”. And don’t miss the first instalment in a three-part special in which we’ve teamed-up with Beretta Australia and experienced rifleman Mark van den Boogaart to put together a unique custom-built hunting rifle which will be like no other.

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