May 2019 - Australian Shooter

What do you look for in a rifle scope? When it comes to hunting, Thomas Tabor reckons ‘simple is simply better’ and he outlines his case in the cover story of our May magazine. Also this month we put a few firearms in the spotlight including the Browning BL-22, Mauser M18 and Howa’s M1500 H-S Precision sporting rifle. For the fox hunters out there, Daniel Musgrave takes us through the process of tanning pelts from target to trophy and in his latest Talbot on Target series, Communications Officer Sam Talbot turns his attention this month to Target Pistol. Among the products under review are Bushnell’s new Engage series of scopes, the Mantis 50 fox lure, Spartan Precision bipods and tripods and the latest Endurance 30 Wide Angle riflescopes from Hawke Optics.

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