May 2017 - Australian Shooter

John McDougall reviews the innovative Benelli 828U shotgun and Daniel O’Dea gets to know the MSP rifle from GC Precision Developments. Communications Officer Sam Talbot takes a close look at the SSAA-sponsored Hunting the Menu television series, while host and producer of the show Corey Wilson reveals how it all came together and the impact it has had so far. Jonathon Hoiles secures his first red deer and Justin Pallett takes his two boys on their first shooting trip. SSAA-LA’s Kate Fantinel examines the fallout from the NFA review and says our next battles will be in each state and territory. Senior correspondent John Dunn evaluates Leupold’s VX-3i scope, while DG Crofts saves his shoulder with the Recoil Systems Xpad. John Broxburn goes back in time to investigate a James Lang & Co .450 Express rifle and John Pond measures up Hornady’s Lock-N-Load Auto Charge powder dispenser.