March 2023 - Australian Shooter

The new all Australian-made Taipan Light pump-action rifle from Southern Cross Small Arms has arrived and looks certain to be a winner with Aussie shooters. Our reviewer Daniel O’Dea was part of the consultation process during the rifle’s development and has written as comprehensive a review as you’re likely to see anywhere. As he says: “With any new project there can be teething problems, but based on my experience with both pre-production and current series rifles it appears any glitches have been well and truly ironed out.” Also this month we take an in-depth look at the latest Howa M1500 Carbon Stalker, a rifle available in both short and long action calibres with a price bracket between $1500-$2000. Elsewhere we run the numbers on a few of the latest riflescopes from Cono-Tech who provided us with some samples from their Polaris range equipped with both thermal and rangefinder facilities. Mark van den Boogaart wraps up his two-part special on demystifying rifle stocks, Thomas Tabor continues or Hunter’s Mancave series with a look inside his impressive trophy room and Sam Garro address the issue of how to get landowners on-side and cement your place in their good books when it comes to hunting access.

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