March 2022 - Australian Shooter

Variety is the name of the game in our March magazine as we turn the spotlight on firearms of all shapes and sizes including pistols, shotguns and vintage rifles. Rod Pascoe has put the nice-price Stoeger STR-9FA through its paces and reckons the Turkish-made pistol would be an ideal introduction to handguns and an economical club option for come-and-try shooters. Caesar Guerini are based in Brescia, the shotgunning capital of Italy and John McDougall laid his hands on their Invictus 1 Sporter which he says is a superb gun capable of firing one million shots in its lifetime. And while he’s at it, John has also road-tested the latest shot shells from Bronze Wing, offering four options for a variety of applications. For the history-minded among you, John Dunn has penned an informative article on the Remington Beals rifle, the first single-shot breechloader to bear the famous name, while Steve Hurt will tell you all you need to know about long-range bullet stability. Along with all our usual columns, letters and competitions, this one will keep you entertained as we bid farewell to another summer.

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