June 2024 - Australian Shooter

The story of Dean Tabone isn’t just remarkable . . . it’s utterly inspiring. Dealt the cruellest of blows aged just 13, Dean suffered life-threatening injuries during an accidental fall from a suspension bridge and was paralysed from the neck down. For most people that would have spelled the end of their passion for hunting – but not Dean. This month, Sam Garro charts the astonishing determination and will to succeed which saw Dean eventually travel to Africa and hunt some of the most sought-after game on earth. Elsewhere, we turn the review spotlight on the latest shotgun from Webley & Scott, a nifty little 20-gauge which had Paul Miller singing its praises. And as advances in firearm optics continue unabated, Matthew Godson takes a close look at the new iAiming laser range-finding thermal scope and its mind-boggling First Shot Auto Zero system. We’ve also run the numbers on a handy pocket-sized Garmin chronograph, a revolutionary rifle torch mount from Olight and three exceptional hunting knives by Kershaw. Thomas Tabor weighs in with plenty of tips to increase your chances of hunting success and Douglas Riach offers some sound advice on how to avoid biting and stinging critters which can ruin your day afield in an instant.