June 2023 - Australian Shooter

The Australian-inspired Wild Boar rifle by Tikka is based on the ever-popular T3x platform and is a lightweight stalking rifle designed purely with Australian pig hunters in mind, providing a fast-handling, slick-cycling rifle with 10-shot capacity. As our reviewer noted: “The Wild Boar shouldered and cycled beautifully with that extra magazine capacity providing peace of mind.”

Leon Wright recalls his early shooting days when fox whistles, duck calls and the odd quail call were the only ones available. He never goes hunting without some sort of game call whether chasing foxes or even sambar deer and says if you’re a new hunter looking to improve your chances, then think seriously about game calls.

If you remember our SSAA/Beretta Australia custom rifle build project from last year, next month Mark van den Boogaart will tell the tale of how he and Gemma Dunn took their respective custom rifles on a successful hunt at a private property in the Bathurst area of New South Wales in search of deer and feral pigs.

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