June 2021 - Australian Shooter

The much-anticipated Benelli Lupo bolt-action rifle has been a long time in the making and our June cover story features the first print review of the rifle in the .30-06 Springfield calibre. As our reviewer Con Kapralos admits: “I’ll be the first to say it – the new Benelli Lupo will revolutionise the way modern hunting rifles are designed.” Elsewhere this month, Daniel O’Dea runs the rule on another out-of-the-ordinary rifle in the Rossie 92 lever-action, which he says is a good workhorse option for those looking to enjoy both lever-gun heritage and another legacy of John Moses Browning. Also in review in this issue are Nosler E-Tip projectiles and the new reactive target system by Throom Targets and, with all our regular columns, features and so much more, there’s plenty to keep you active as winter descends.

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