June 2019 - Australian Shooter

An action-packed June edition turns the spotlight on shotguns with a six-page feature by Damien Edwards and Thomas Tabor, the former tackling the side-by-side versus over-and-under debate and the latter giving an insight into understanding your shot shells. Sticking with shotguns, firearms under review this month include Fabarm’s Black Elos N2 Sporter as well as the Sako M85 Black Wolf rifle in .308 Winchester, while in his Talbot on Target series, Sam Talbot gets down to Practical Shooting. Brad Allen debunks the myths surrounding bullet trajectory, John Hill recalls fond memories from the days of fixed-power scopes and Sam Garro offers a fascinating insight into the world of master craftsman Branco Giljevic. Products in focus include riflescopes, binoculars, stealth cameras and an interesting game call mobile phone app.

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