June 2016 - Australian Shooter

Bruce Wellington reviews Ruger’s No.1S rifle in 9.3x62mm Mauser, Daniel O’Dea looks at Mossberg’s Patriot Synthetic rifle and Paul Miller checks out ATA’s 686EL Sporting shotgun. The SSAA-LA dissects the media storm that was the Sydney Siege and explains how we corrected the media while redirecting them to the real problem. ‘Greenie’ groups are upset because they may lose their tax-deductible status, while the SSAA gets up to real conservation work saving the Tasmanian devil. Rod Pascoe helps Winchester celebrate almost 50 years of operations in Australia, John Hill puts the Hornady .17 Hornet cartridge to the test and Darren Marks assesses the Walther Pro PL70r torch. Assistant Editor David Rose speaks with junior shooter Rachel McConnell, while Richard Lindsay explains the return of SSAA Blue Hills after the club was ravaged by bushfires.