July 2022 - Australian Shooter

This month sees the conclusion of our three-part article on building a custom rifle in partnership with Beretta Australia. Mark van den Boogaart has headed for deer country with our left-handed Tikka T3x CTR in .308 Win and was suitably impressed by a true one-off firearm which more than lived up to expectations. Under review this month is the Franchi Varmint Horizon rifle as well as the Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 commemorative shotgun along with the Bushnell RSX-250 red-dot reflex sight and a dual-use thermal device from German Precision Optics. For all you shotgun enthusiasts out there, David Croft has penned a highly informative article on how to make sense of choke while for rifle aficionados John Hill tackles the issue of whether or not to reload your ammunition. Our cover story features Sam Garro who has taken a hunting trip down memory lane and conjured up fond recollections of days spent in search of game in the Great Cumbung Swamp.

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