Issue 28 – April 2023 - The Australian Junior Shooter

Our cover story this time round features Western Australian ‘trigger sisters’ Nicolene and Talita, two shooting siblings who are members of Perth Rifle Metallic Silhouette Club. The teenagers were introduced to the sport by their parents and are already trophy winners. Mark van den Boogaart has been documenting the transition as his eldest son moves from interested spectator to hands-on hunter and he accompanied dad on a weekend forest hunt east of Tamworth where fallow deer were on the menu. Gun-fit is important for any shooter so starting out with the basics in place is a must for aspiring ‘young-guns’. To that end, our National Coaching and Membership Development Manager Gemma Dunn has contributed a highly informative article on the subject, one which any young shooter will benefit from as she outlines the various aspects of making sure your rifle or shotgun is ‘fit for purpose’. And 12-year-old Daniel Stewart has been hunting with his dad and tells us his account of how they took a couple of rabbits and a feral goat for the freezer.