Issue 25 April 2020 - The Australian Junior Shooter

In Issue 25 of Australian Junior Shooter we turn the spotlight on Arwen Casley-Porter, a go-ahead young lady who gets things done – and then some. Arwen was keen to introduce her school classmates to the joys of the shooting sports but her school had no provision for such.

No shooting team? No problem to Arwen who put the wheels in motion with a ‘come and try’ day which led to the formation of the Trinity Anglican College shooting team. We also hit the road with Joseph Nugent who shunned the traditional ‘schoolies’ celebration as he completed Year 12 and chose instead to go bush with dad Derek as they went in search of boars and barra on the banks of the Alice River. Mark van den Boogaart’s son is a young hunter in the making and in a trip with dad to the aptly-named Hunter Valley in New South Wales, he was in on the action as an impressive fallow deer was taken for the table.