Issue 23 – June 2024 - Australian Women’s Shooter

Join this issue’s ode to getting the best out of ourselves as shooters, trying something out of our comfort zone and a reminder to share our sport. For those of us who have been shooting for a long time it’s easy to become stagnant in our favourite disciplines or hunting habits, so Editor Rachael Oxborrow puts herself to the test by trying something new and, in the process, finds a love for open-sight shooting in the Lever Action Silhouette discipline. Suzy Balogh OAM gives us shotgun shooting hacks she has developed over decades of shooting and there’s some real gems in there that we could all benefit from trying out. Columnist Laetisha Scanlan takes a grass roots look at how our sport can thrive through inclusion to encourage and welcome new shooters to the fold. And Gemma McNabb gives us an insight into how her chance introduction to target shooting changed the course of her life. Her real-life sliding doors moment! We also look at the benefits hunting can bring to the table as we highlight Australia’s delicious game meats.