Issue 19 - Australian & New Zealand Handgun

In Australian & New Zealand Handgun 19, Daniel O’Dea reviews the latest Beretta APX modular pistol – this the RDO model (Red Dot Optic) – where the polymer frame can be removed and swapped for one of a different colour, the pistol also coming with three interchangeable grips. Sticking with pistols, Thomas Tabor has written an excellent appraisal of the latest Glock Model 21 and, as he points out, this Gen 3 version comes with a host of upgrades. For collectors, enthusiast Mark van den Boogaart has three tasty articles which are sure to appeal, including the fascinating tale of a classic London Colt which dates back to 1854. Among our features is an insight into the 1956 Melbourne Olympics by Rod Pascoe, who conducted an in-depth interview with Peter Papps, one of the ‘men of the moment’. Handgun afficionado Geoff Smith has penned two interesting pieces on custom loads and accuracy, and with the Australian Army in the market for a new sidearm to replace the ageing Browning, John Maxwell has spoken with two of the key players at Army HQ in Canberra.